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Cocoa Farmers Taste Success with Plan

Plan UK is over the moon with the success of their project to improve farming in the village of Ngat in Cameroon. The area has now become a training centre for the production of cocoa seedlings, helping to raise household incomes in the area and increase productivity.

In the 2007 meeting, Plan sat down with the local community to discuss the obstacles they faced in production. Although the soil in the area is fertile with lots of rainfall, agricultural productivity and school enrolment was low in the area of Ngat. So Plan came up with the initiative to implement a field school, and as a result 30 local farmers enrolled to receive training.

In collaboration with the local agricultural ministry, Plan offered advice and training on the production and marketing of cocoa, and 1,500 seedlings were provided for farmers to start their new business. So successful was the training that Ngat has now become a local model for the production of coffee and palms alongside cocoa, and is a major attraction for nearby farmers to attend and learn new techniques.

One of the farmers who took part in the project, Richard, said –

I now train the farmers who could not take part in the initial training. I am already an expert in the production of cocoa. In addition, the method that we use allows for protecting the environment.

With demonstration plots now fully established where new plant varieties and farming techniques can be tried out, the training has been as resounding success. Thanks to the hard work of Plan and the local agricultural ministry, the farmers of Ngat and beyond now how a successful platform to nurture their products and learn new techniques to increase their profitability and productivity.

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