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Give Your ‘Honey’ a Bee This Valentine’s Day with FARM-Africa

FARM-Africa are asking their supporters to ‘give their honey a bee’ this Valentine’s Day and help them to continue changing lifes in Africa. For only £15 the lucky recipient will receive a model bee, charity gift pack, plus information on how the money raised is helping people less fortunate.

FARM-Africa help farmers like Raphael in eastern Africa. Raphael lives in the Nou Forest, Tanzania, with his wife, three sons and three daughters. He has always used the forest as his main source of income, sourcing and selling honey to others in his village. He used to harvest honey from traditional log hives that were set high up in the trees. The hives were very hard to access and produced little honey. The demand for honey in his village was growing but he could not produce enough to keep up.

Raphael became a member of the Mkombozi beekeeping group, which was set up in 2008 by FARM-Africa. He was shown how to improve his honey production using langstroth hives and modern beekeeping techniques. The new hives are easier to use and mean Raphael is producing enough honey for his family, as well as surplus to sell in his village. The money he earns helps buy essential goods such as food and water for his family.

So why not ‘get buzzy’ and bestow on your honey a bee from FARM-Africa this weekend, and help more farmers fight hunger and provide for their families.

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