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WWF Applaud Peruvian Government Backing of Amazonian Protection

WWF charity are pleased that the Peruvian National Protected Areas Service has decided to allow extra funds this year to help protect a large area of the Amazon jungle that is home to a selection endangered species and indigenous tribes.

The service has pledged to allocate $280,000 to fund surveillance activities in the area, which is so large in size it is actually bigger than neighbouring country El Salvador. The area, which is formed by the Alto Purus National Park and the Purus Communal Reserve, has been a protected area since it was created in 2004 thanks to the support of WWF wildlife charity.

This amazing area of area of untouched forestary in the southwestern Amazon, is home to a wide and diverse selection of wildlife, with much of it endangered species. Not only is home to at least eight indigenous ethnic groups, living in voluntary isolation, but also pink dolphins, jaguars and arapaimas to name just a few of the rare animals that inhabit this wonderful life centre.

Director of WWF’s Amazon Headwaters Initiative, Jorge Herrera, said –

This represents a major success for all Peruvians. The government’s commitment to safeguard the Peruvian Amazon will help us build long term conservation strategies for roughly 3 million hectares of some of the richest forests in the world.

WWF has help to equip and implement seven control posts with the area, whilst supporting the control and surveillance carried out by reserve authorities. Illegal mahogany logging and poaching has not only a damaging effect on the landscape itself, but also the indigenous communities that reside within it’s confines. Thanks to the Peruvian government’s support, a team of more than 20 park guards and experienced technicians will be on hand to help protect the areas natural beauty and resources.

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