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Adopt the snow with WWF

Top Ten Charity Gifts this Christmas with Donation4Charity

Now, I’m not Father Christmas, and nor do I intend or pretend to be. I will admit though that it has been noted that I do have a rather rotund demeanour and a beard you could lose a badger in. I like to think of these points as a way of bringing festive cheer to people all year round, for what is a beard if it doesn’t bring happiness to your friends and loved ones?

Anyway, I digress. Now is the perfect time to be thinking of purchasing a few interesting presents for your friends and loved ones, and whether they have a beard or not, everyone deserves something a bit special at Christmas. We at Donation4Charity have a vast array of charity gift ideas that will allow you to bring something different to the table this year, as surely the thought of more socks cannot be filling anyone with the very elixir of Yuletide spirit ( though I don’t mind a pair of Pringle myself!)

A charity gift is an interesting way to show someone that not only do you care for them, but also that you care for those who are less fortunate across the world. The funds raised from your purchases help your chosen charities to provide relief to some of the world’s poorest people…

it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

We have hundreds of charity gift ideas available for your perusal, but I have personally chosen 10 of my favourite gifts to give this year (and not a stick-on beard in sight!)

  • WWF Adopt an Animal
    One of the most popular charity gifts for young and old is the adopt an animal scheme from WWF. This costs as little as £3 a month and the recipient will receive a cuddly toy, certificate, greetings card and of course provide funds to help save your choice of animal’s species and habitat.
  • Cows ‘n’ Things from AGE UK
    Why not purchase an online gift from Cows ‘n’ Things, the only charity focusing on the needs of older people in developing countries. Each virtual gift comes with a personalised e-card, or you could even have it delivered by post, just like they used to do in the olden days!
  • Oxfam Unwrapped
    Choose from a great selection of virtual gifts this Christmas, and if you spend £5 or more before 2nd January 2011 you will receive a £5 off voucher for Pizza Express. You can’t say fairer than that, so why not grab a ‘pizza’ the action (I know, terrible!)
  • Centrepoint Gifts
    This new and exciting virtual gift range helps young homeless people find their feet by providing a hot meal, shelter and education. Christmas can be a lonely and dangerous time for those living on the street, so a Centrepoint gift truly is a present that keeps on giving.
  • Cancer Research Gift Shop
    This cracking online shop offers an amazing array of gift cards, wrapping and most importantly, presents, this Christmas whilst providing the funds to help Cancer Research’s life saving work. Plus you can receive 10% off all order before 31st December 2010 if you add the voucher code 10TGN0017 at the online checkout, plus free delivery on all orders over £50.
  • National Trust Membership
    With the UK looking so magical during the winter months, now is a fantastic time to visit some of the National Trust’s 300 historic houses and over 600,000 acres of countryside. Great Britain has a truly unique national heritage that is unsurpassed anywhere on the planet, and the gift of a National Trust membership is the perfect present for people to explore some of the UK’s most prestigious sites. Plus if you pay by direct debit you can now receive 12 months for the price of 9. A great value gift.
  • Present Aid
    These great gifts are ‘virtual’, so they make the perfect last minute present. There’s a whole host of gifts to choose from that will help people who are less fortunate than yourself. Whether it’s a goat, a meal for 80 children or just a simple football, your donation will go a long way in helping change the lives of people who are desperate need of your help.
  • Sponsor a Puppy with Guide Dogs for the Blind
    From just £5 a month, you can provide a loved one with a gift that will truly help someone without sight to live a fulfilling life thanks to the aid of a guide dog. The recipient will receive a gift certificate, an exclusive calendar, plus regular updates on how their puppy is progressing during its training and subsequent initiation into a person’s life.
  • RSPB Membership
    The festive season sees a wide range of colourful birds come out to play, and what better way to enjoy the British countryside than with an RSPB membership? This great gift entitles the holder free entry to over 100 RSPB nature reserves across the UK, plus a free joining gift, a quarterly magazine, plus loads of extra bits for children.
  • UNICEF UK Shop
    This online gift shop has an amazing selection of presents for young and old, whether it is a babies bib, an Adidas football or a friendship bracelet. All UNICEF Gifts provide the funds to allow this amazing charity the ability to help children across the globe. Plus if you order today you can now receive ‘3 for 2’ on Christmas Cards.

So there you go, those are my top ten choices of charity gifts this year available through the Donation4Charity website. Have I chosen these because I would like someone to buy them for me? Yes. Am I selfishly, sort of writing a letter to Santa in the hope he reads this via the wonderful worldwide web? Yes. Will I receive any of those gifts for Christmas? I hope so, I’ve made it pretty clear what I want!

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