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The Magic Snorkel Website

The Magic Snorkel is a great website for divers to not only support shark & marine conservation, but also save themselves money off diving, equipment & insurance. The site itself was first created to help unify the global dive community & the need to actively help save the planet’s oceans and its inhabitants, particularly those that are under threat. The Magic Snorkel’s aim is to raise money to support marine conservation agencies and help them to protect the world’s fragile diving environments.

The website is free to use and has a wide variety of articles, photos and videos highlighting their work in raising awareness for marine conservation across the globe. There really is something for everyone, whether you’re a recreational diver, a pro, or someone who takes an interest in the seas and its inhabitants. The Magic Snorkel also brings together some of the world’s best dive centres, offering its members a reputable places & people to train with at discounted rates. With affiliates across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean, The Magic Snorkel site is a great way to receive diving discounts across the world whilst also helping to care for the environment that is so precious to the sea creatures that call our place of play home.

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