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Free Water Audit with WWF UK Save Water Swindon Campaign

The town of Swindon is bidding to become the countries most water efficient area. The Save Water Swindon campaign has been launched in conjunction with WWF UK, Waterwise and Thames Water to help ease pressures on the natural environment whilst also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The plan is for Swindon to be used as an example to the rest of the country as they prepare to reduce their water use. Residents of the Wiltshire town will be supported in their efforts to save water for the next 12 months by the Environment Agency who have deemed the area seriously water stressed.

The average person in Swindon uses 164 litres per person per day, which is approximately 16 litres more per person than the national average. The Government’s target is for people to use 130 litres per day, which is made worse in Swindon as the area has a high population density and water is scarcer than anywhere else in England and Wales.  The Save Water Swindon campaign estimates that by saving 20 litres of water a day, the average home can reduce not only their energy bills by £100 a year, but also their greenhouse gas emissions.

WWF Ambassador and presenter of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud said –

Save Water Swindon is an ambitious campaign that will set a precedent for how large-scale water efficiency in existing homes can be achieved – with benefits for homeowners and the environment. As we continue moving towards a more holistic sustainable lifestyle, both in our homes and the way we live, water efficiency will play a significant role. Not only will reducing demand for water help reduce the amount we need to take from the environment it can also reduce greenhouse gases and as a result our home energy and water bills.

With up to 6% of the UK’s greenhouse gases resulting from water prep and distribution alone, now is a great time to make a change. To help Swindon reduce its water use, house owners can register online below for a free water saving makeover or have a trained fitter visit their home. Once inside he can give a house a free water audit and then advise on the best water saving products and install them – all for free!

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Freshwater Policy and Programme Officer at WWF-UK, Rose Timlett, said –

All the water we use at home comes from the natural environment. People tend not to realise that when they turn on the tap or flush the loo the water could be coming from the local river and when we use too much it’s bad news for the animals and plants that live there. With water use on the up, a growing population and the threat of climate change it’s vital that we all take steps now to reduce the amount of water that’s wasted and help protect some of our most special native species, like the otter, water vole and brown trout. Reducing the amount of water we use is something we can all achieve with minimal effort. We hope that other villages, towns, and cities will follow Swindon’s lead.

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