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Kicking Bullying into Touch with NSPCC

The NSPCC charity ‘Kick Bullying into Touch’ Campaign is now into it’s second year. This year’s Anti-Bullying Week launched by ChildLine and Premier Rugby, will involve a player ambassador from each Guinness Premiership rugby club. Former rugby World Cup winner Richard Hill was part of the Saracens coaching team helping to run sessions to help teach children how to tackle bullying through a number of exercises involving touch rugby.

This year will see a further 420 sessions taking place after last year, which saw nearly 18,000 children aged up to 11 years taking part in 360 schools across England. So far the programme has been a resounding success, with up to 97% of the children that took part saying they felt they had a better understanding of bullying after they had attended the sessions.

With school assemblies also planned to follow each session, it is expected than more than 250,000 children will be shown how how to tackle bullying since the Kick Bullying into Touch campaign started in 2008.

Help the NSPCC today

The NSPCC help thousands of children each year, and with your donations they can endeavour to answer more calls from children who struggle to get through on their busy phone lines.

The NSPCC childrens charity are eager to raise £50million to help expand their UK services and recruit nearly two thousand volunteers. By donating to the NSPCC you can help stop atrocities happening to children.

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