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How Your Comic Relief Donation is Spent

Comic Relief’s ‘Red Nose Day’ is fast approaching, so be prepared for the nation’s favourite celebrities getting up to all kinds of mischief across the entire UK on Friday 13th March 2009.

The British charity organisation was founded in the United Kingdom in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis in response to famine in Ethiopia, and since the charity has started, Comic Relief has raised over £600 million.

Last year Comic Relief raised a record-breaking sum of £40.2m thanks to a host of performances from British comedies finest. Comic Relief, which is held every two years, distributes the money collected in a split of 60% to be spent in Africa and 40% in the UK.

Below shows where some of the money has been put to good use –

Christian Aid
Over 400,000 children have been subjected to trafficking and prostitution in South Asia. Christian Aid works with the survivors and those at risk of exploitation by offering support, shelter and health education.
Spend: £103,333 in each country

Save the Children UK
Children in Pakistan are forced to work in hazardous conditions to support their families. The Save the Children project helps protect children from dangerous working conditions and improving educational facilities.
Spend: £3,000,000

Christian Aid
Many children in Brazil living on the streets turn to prostitution or gang life to escape abuse at home. The Christian Aid project provides counselling and access to education so they can start to build a new life away from the violence and hardships of the streets.
Spend: £606,120

Oxfam UK
Almost one third of the population of Mali depends directly on the cotton trade. Oxfam UK’s project works closely with producers to grow fairtrade cotton and ensure that cotton farmers enjoy a sustainable livelihood and a fair deal for their crop.
Spend: £3,145,025

The UK is slowly becoming a nation for trafficked young people. The Comic Relief pays for the Child Trafficking Advice Line which is open to professionals and members of the public with questions and concerns about child trafficking. Social workers are also available to undertake casework where needed.
Spend: £368,684

As you can see the money raised is spent wisely helping the most vulnerable children in the far flung corners of the Earth and at home. Comic Relief is currently carrying out a review of its UK Grants programme to ensure that the money raised through Red Nose Day is still reaching the areas and people that need it the most.

So why not make a donation and join in the fun next Friday?

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