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This Easter give a Farm Friends chicken rather than an egg

FARM-Africa works with poor communities in eastern Africa, helping them to produce more food to feed their families. We want to make sure future generations don’t have to depend on handouts of aid.

Since 2003 FARM-Africa has helped farmers in Rakai, Uganda to rear chickens more productively. They have received training on how to feed and look after the birds to maximise breeding potential and egg production, as well as forming a Chicken Breeder and Marketing Association.

Consumption of eggs has quadrupled, resulting in improved nutrition. And increased income through the sale of chicken and eggs pays for healthcare and enables children to attend school.

Families are now investing in their future rather than depending on handouts.

This Easter, why give an egg when you can buy a FARM FRIENDS chicken at

When you buy this charity gift you will receive :

  • a cute model chicken
  • a pack of “happy families” cards explaining some of the ways your donation is helping African farmers work their way out of poverty.

Help to farm Africa with a perfect Easter gift for your friends and family!

> > Click Here to Buy a Charity Gift from FARM Africa

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