Today is Thursday, September 29th 2016
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Help Africa Today With FARM-Africa FARM FRIENDS

FARM-Africa works with farmers, herders and forest communities in eastern Africa. Communities in the Nou Forest, Tanzania, depend entirely on the forest for survival, often cutting down trees to burn for firewood or to make space for crops.

FARM-Africa has been helping people to explore new ways to earn a living which protect rather than destroy the forest. With their help, the long term participatory forest management approach has enabled community members to increase their income through improved management of resources.

By providing bee hives and training to families in the Nou Forest, FARM-Africa is giving the people of Nou Forest an alternative, sustainable way to survive without damaging their environment. The honey harvested is an excellent food source, and can be sold at markets and used for medicine too.

If you are looking for an exciting alternative gift for a loved one, why not buy a bee with FARM-FRIENDS charity gifts from FARM-Africa? A charity gift Bee is an interesting and cute present for young and old, and for just £10 you will receive a –

  • toy Bee
  • fun gift pack
  • happy family card explaining how your gift will help families in Africa

The ‘happy family’ card explaining some of the ways your donation is helping African farmers work their way out of poverty. It’s the gift that keeps on giving…

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