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Shelter – Virtual City

Shelter UK’s latest housing donation initiative is the Virtual City, where from as little as £5 you can buy a plot of ‘virtual land’ and advertise your business. With 28 drop in centres receiving 45,000 phone calls a year, your donations help to provide the expert housing advice that needs to be given to over 170,000 people.

Your virtual property can be of any size and shape you desire, with even a bespoke service offering an exact virtual replica of your business building. Prices range from £5 for a piece of parkland to £1000 for a skyscraper, with ex Red or Dead owner Wayne Hemmingway’s featured house designs available for as little as £20 (the real thing may cost you a bit more!). Also available are Tudor and Victorian style houses, shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels and department stores There are even Windmills available, because as Shelter well know, everyone at one time or another has wanted to live in a Windmill!

All you need to do is visit the virtual map and find yourself a nice plot of land, then make your choice of donation to purchase your dream home. You then have the option of uploading a photo and leaving a message when people click on your property. Also you have the ability to leave a webpage link, offering excellent advertising opportunities for your charitable donation. You can then send a link to friends who can come and ‘live’ in your part of the City, everybody needs good neighbours!

Shelter cannot exist without your donations, and with only 1% of each pound going to management and admin, you know your money is being spent wisely. So go buy that dream house you always wanted, and remember that the money you’re spending is also helping the people around you find housing too.


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