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WWF and Greenpeace Unite Against Heathrow Expansion

The Government is now facing a critical test of its environmental stance due to the continued expansion of UK airports. Last month the Government signed up to the most ambitious long-term climate change targets in the world after pledging an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The WWF UK is asking the Government to consider the alternatives to the expansion of Heathrow, alongside a coalition of environmental groups including Greenpeace UK,  the National Trust, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Campaign for Better Transport, Friends of the Earth.

Chief Executive of WWF-UK, David Nussbaum, said – 

‘The UK’s most progressive businesses are already saving time, money and carbon through technological alternatives such as videoconferencing, proving that we don’t need the huge carbon liability created by a third runway in order to stay connected. If companies can improve their productivity while flying less, then the economic case for the third runway at Heathrow begins to evaporate’

Whilst Executive Director of Greenpeace, John Sauven, said –

‘The Heathrow decision is a test of Gordon Brown’s credibility on climate change. We simply can’t meet our emissions targets if aviation continues to grow at the rate predicted. MPs should back a high-speed rail link that would cut pollution while providing investment and jobs across Britain’

The expansion of Heathrow would be highly detrimental to the quality of life for the people who use the green spaces across West London, with the further expansion of Heathrow not just destroying surrounding villages, but also the tranquillity of wide tracts of our countryside.

With aviation becoming one of Britain’s fastest growing sources of carbon dioxide, cutting growth in air travel would help battle climate change and help Britain develop a new green economy by reducing our dependence on insecure fossil fuels.

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