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WWF and Greenpeace Condemn Illegal Plane Activity

Environmental charities WWF and Greenpeace have once again called for greater urgency to the closure of the Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishing.

The conservation groups have obtained evidence that reveals two Italian spotter planes are illegally being used to give aerial assistance to industrial fleets fishing in the central Mediterranean. Aerial spotting is completely banned by international law, as it gives a huge advantage to fleets who’s catches are far exceeding the capacity recommended by scientists.

This damning evidence of illegal plane activity in the Mediterranean adds to the WWF argument that this stretch of ocean is now out of control and must be closed. Marine reserves must be established to protect these breeding areas of Bluefin Tuna to halt the species steady decline into extinction.

Greenpeace and WWF are once again calling on the European Commission to step in and help in the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna. In April false Bolivian and Libyan flags were flown by illegal tuna vessels involved in the Bluefin Tuna fishery in the same area of the Mediterranean.

If we want fish for tomorrow, we need to create marine reserves today to avoid any further damage to the Bluefin Tuna stock, which is in a critical situation according to the international scientific community.

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