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WWF and Greenpeace Call for Government Stance

The latest WWF and Greenpeace report calls on the Government to take a serious stance about renewables and energy efficiency, not build major new power stations.

If the Government were to achieve its commitment to the EU’s renewable energy targets, then new power stations would not be needed to meet electricity requirements. The report also points out that a stronger stance for energy efficiency and renewable energy can help reduce emissions and assist the countries energy security. Government ministers are claiming new power stations are essential to help plug the ‘energy gap’ alongside E.ON, who are currently engaging in a high profile campaign to assert the need for new coal plants.

WWF and Greenpeace findings prove that if the British Government decides to deliver on their promises in line with the National Energy Action Plan, there would be no
gap to plug. If followed correctly, the Plan would reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions by up to 37% by 2020, rendering the new power stations redundant. As campaigners from across the UK and Europe prepare to gather at this year’s Climate Camp, E.ON has already sought to counter by claiming new coal plants are vital for national energy stability.

Head of Climate Change at WWF, Keith Allott, said –

‘This report should be good news for the Government. If it gets real on its targets on renewables and energy efficiency then we can keep the lights on, reduce our reliance on expensive fossil fuel imports and dramatically cut our carbon emissions. But a green light to Kingsnorth would at a stroke undermine the Government’s other policies on climate change and Gordon Brown’s promise of a clean energy revolution.’

Whilst Robin Oakley, head of the climate and energy team at Greenpeace, said –

‘Coal is the single most climate-wrecking form of electricity generation. The only reason anyone is even considering building Britain’s first coal fired power station in decades is the claim that we need it to keep the lights on. E.ON’s spin machine and the Labour government have teamed up to hoodwink the public into believing it, but this report busts their argument wide open.’

With both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown making commitments to a national target of only 15% renewable energy, it is widely accepted that at least 35% of Britain’s electricity will need to come from renewables by 2020. It is time for the Government to face facts and start the big push for renewable energy today.

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