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FARM-Africa Presents – Charity Christmas Gifts to help those in Africa

Briefly describe your charity and which areas it works in.
FARM-Africa transforms the lives of poor rural people in Africa. Our work over more than 20 years has proved with just a little assistance, Africa’s farmers can dramatically improve their lives. FARM-Africa works in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Southern Sudan.

Through grass roots projects we help rural communities to grow more food; keep their livestock healthy and manage their natural resources more effectively.  Each and every project aims to transform the lives of African farmers and helps them find a way out of poverty.

How are donations via charity gifts spent by the charity?
When you buy a gift from FARM-Africa Presents you are making a donation to support all of FARM-Africa’s vital work to provide a better future for rural African communities.

Our work includes providing animals to rural people so they have essential products like milk and eggs – not only can they improve nutrition, any surplus can be sold to boost the family’s income.  Our community animal health workers help keep the animals healthy, and our cross breeding programmes help farmers improve the quality of their livestock, and size of their herd.  We also help farmers develop new ideas and technologies – such as using fermented cows urine as a pesticide.

What percentage of the money goes directly to the cause e.g. no admin costs etc?
71% of the money raised through FARM-Africa goes directly to our work to help African farmers to produce more food for their families so that future generations don’t have to depend on handouts of aid.

What are your top gifts for Christmas?

Chicken £10.00
A brood of chicks from FARM-Africa can transform life for a poor African family. The chicks will grow up to provide protein-rich eggs to eat and any extra can be sold to buy essential supplies like medicine or schoolbooks. We also provide training on how to build a protective chicken coop and give proper care to these life-saving birds.

Smokers for beekeepers £15.00
Beekeeping equipment from FARM-Africa – such as smokers, which allow honey to be removed safely from hives – will help a family to make a living from keeping bees. The honey these furry little creatures provide can be eaten or sold at a good price to local people. And the forest will have a chance to replenish.

Fermented cow’s urine (great natural pesticide) £20.00
Fermented cow’s urine is a great natural pesticide, but you have to know how to use it! FARM-Africa can teach farmers how to keep their crops free from greedy insects and ensure yields are as high as possible. This gives them the best possible chance of feeding their family.

Banana Beer £25.00
Sweet banana plantlets from FARM-Africa will provide a farmer with high yielding banana crops that will benefit their family in two ways. Of course, the bananas are healthy food for children. However, banana beer is a big seller in the cities of Tanzania, so their extra produce can be sold to the brewery for a decent price. This money can then be used to provide schoolbooks and medicines for the family.

Goat £30.00
Through a FARM-Africa goat project, we can transform life for a poor community. We provide poor families with goats and training in how to care for them. We also give one member of the group Toggenburgs to breed with local goats, so the hardier offspring produce lots of nutritious milk. This can be drunk or sold to help pay for medicine and schoolbooks. Plus, the goats’ manure is a great fertiliser for the family’s crops.

What makes your charity gifts unique?
FARM-Africa PRESENTS is a new way to buy your charity gifts this Christmas. With three ways to send your gifts (movie, e-card and photo gift pack) featuring your very own personal message – there is something to suit everyone. And the best thing is that you are also helping farmers in Africa build a brighter future for themselves.


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